Vigilante on the Wall: A Game of Come and Go

Walking this Wall is not unlike walking trapeze in blindfolds. The thought that I am incapable of seeing the foundation of the wall in all its infinity—its beginning, its middle, its end—sends shivers down my spine, the popular opinion I’m spineless notwithstanding. But that’s okay. When Petit Thief comes to play a Game of Come the distraction is infectious, it’s cathartic, it’s nullifying.


‘Corruption is evident in supernature,’ begins PT ‘and consequently there’s corruption in nature and human nature’, pushing his choice of white stones to grids in a corner, his bag of fortune strapped around his love handles.

‘You can resist it, suppress it, downplay it, hide it, lie about it, fancy wrap it all you want but you never can get rid of it, yes, VoW.’


Ess aitch aye tee, it matters not he believes what he tells, he’s telling truth.

‘You been librarying, no, PT’ I say, wiggling my little toe.

‘Who taught us reading, VoW. I’ve’bn listening’, he tells, haphazardly moving stones, hell-bent on losing his game, but…

‘Listening to the winds of deception.’


See yoo en tee is cleverer than he looks, reads listening. ‘So, that’s how you get to make deal with Their Side of the Wall and two-time on your people Your Side of the Wall’ I acknowledge his upward mobility.


‘That, now, leaves us, not alone, with each other’ he reassures, as I play along.

‘We don’t have to take responsibility that comes in all shapes and shades but. We are. Solely. Responsible’ he says, nonchalantly winning his game.


When the game of chance dawns on him, he stands up, shakes his thighs, acts scared. (This mandatory ritual goes way back to when I was still an amateur vigilante—the first thief to win against me when he hears from me what’s to become of him, he soils his pants right before I toss him like snot and stand there justified, and that was to become customary over time.)

Then he does the unpardonable. He calls me a nut licker.


Any other day I would grab him by his Achilles and drop him down abyss lane. Not today. ‘Rules of game suspended… so go, leave the sight of me’, I say, and he looks me in sheer disbelief, shoves a bundle of bills into my bag of penalties, steps this side onto his Your Wire Home and crawls a walk. I think to myself for ef yoo see kae’s sake, PT, now don’t trip and dive on me, this is us and our game of come and go.



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