Reflection – Vishwaroopam

Jack Bauer is the Western Rajnikanth. The Bauer jokes floating around the web are proof enough. That isn’t to deny 24 its rightful merits. At its best Vishwaroopam moves like a watered-down episode of 24 (by way of True Lies) stretched too long (its good bits lasting too short) and at its worst it does what the genre Rajnikanth does best: playing to the gallery. The sometimes free-running digital Wis and sometimes airborne Viz are Kamal’s ways of replicating the indomitable Enthiran. Its merit is, one that’s half-baked and a lie—a bomb that doesn’t go off.

While real (and realistic) espionage may mean dirty business, Vishwaroopam means pure business. It’s not so much what’s between high and low art is at stake as millions (in cash) at stake.


2 thoughts on “Reflection – Vishwaroopam

    • Well, if being a fan means to take all the crap the artist throws at you uncritically, I’m not that kind of fan. If you dig typical Hollywood actioners, which it’s modeled mostly after, you may like it.

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