Taking Pictures

The beginning is near
Nearer than the third ear can hear

Parvati takes a long walk
Satyam shivam sundari
She chants as she walks

Vasuki captures photographs
Camera garlanded to her neck walks Parvati
She has many places to be

Lands rivers prisons planes people
Borders deserts birds plants cars hospitals
Oceans labs insects beasts ships shops

Satyam shivam sundaram
Satyam shivam dharmam
Satyam shivam sundaram

Forests flags offices factories fishes farms
Planets trees asylums theaters streets homes ponds
Schools weapons skies zoos rocks runways

Parvati keeps to her long walk
Satyam shivam sundaram
She chants as she walks

The end is far
Farther than the farthest star


4 thoughts on “Taking Pictures

  1. Loved it. If you are in Hyderabad, you might want to connect with the Red Leaf Poetry Group, a band of poetry lovers and experimenters.

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