Birkensnake 7, Y’all

Birkensnake 7 is live in its entirety (in various formats) for your perusal and it contains my I, Y’know Who, Having Stepped Into Well Street.

The print version of the magazine can be got by reading out loud any short or short-short story into your phone (or any neat recording device) and emailing it over to the people responsible for the creation of this artifact. Although it isn’t mandatory, readers outside the US might want to consider chipping in postage.


Look, did I or did I not say, this is a glittering artifact!



2 thoughts on “Birkensnake 7, Y’all

  1. Ahimaaz– how can i get in touch with you? i’d like to ask you to submit work to my journal. i can’t find an e-mail address to save my life. holler at me.

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